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Insights on market trends and your customers are buried all over the web. Spot and respond to them

Speciate AI’s market landscape monitoring solution analyzes billions of data points to help companies turn threats of disruptive digital technologies and science into opportunities

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  • Identify transformative market trends early.
  • Gain valueable competitor insights.
  • Uncover unmet customer needs.
Feminine person and mascliine person using futuristic displays
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Our Analytics as a Service model gives you better insights, allows you to customize analysis, and provides superior cost-to-value compared to rigid software solutions or bespoke analysis.

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Best of both worlds
Speciate uses AI algorithms and business analysts to distill actionable insights as opposed to giving you complex dashboards to decipher
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Constantly evolving use cases
Speciate integrates the latest academic, open source and commercial algorithms to improve model results and expand use cases
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Insights at Scale
Speciate cost effectively automates integration of thousands of market data sources so you have the latest information at your fingertips

Find whitespace in your market ecosystem.

Spot trends impacting your business; ID growth opportunities for new products, and non-intuitive use cases for existing offerings

  • Scan billions of data points from media, reviews, patent libraries, regulations, earnings releases and more
  • Measure frequency / sentiment changes for solutions, technologies, competitors, regulations, patents, consumer views and influencers
  • Prioritize your biggest growth opportunities and threats
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Benchmark your product or app.

Understand how your customers feel about your product or apps vs. competition so you can invest in the right features

  • Benchmark 20+ competitor products or apps in real-time using Amazon and other sources
  • Identify the features customers think are most important; compare sentiment scores about your product or app to competitors
  • Take action based on the most relevant positive / negative customer feedback
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Analyze the customer journey at scale.

Evaluate how your customer’s journey compares to competitors so you can improve the experience

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  • Scan media, review and social forums where customers discuss their buying experiences
  • Measure sentiment about how you perform at each stage of the journey vs. competitors
  • Identify opportunities by stage to improve the customer experience

Actionable insights are over the web. Let us help you find and make meaning of them.

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